Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crazy Four

The more kids means more smiles, more joy, and more laughter. But it also means more work getting them all to sit still and smile for the camera - at the same time!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Indoor Skydiving!

Daron has wanted to try indoor skydiving for awhile now. Finally, I bought him tickets for his birthday. This morning we went. Esther, Nathan, and even Jacob got into the wind tunnel. I, like the anxious yet proud mother I am, cried the whole time. Both excited and fearful. All the kids impressed me with their fearlessness. I couldn't believe how high they went! And Daron really enjoyed his flights!
Training class over and jumpsuits on! No one looks good in this picture. The lighting was poor and everyone had goggle on!

At one point during Jacob's flight, the instructor tried to give Jacob the sign for "straighten your legs" which looks like a peace sign. Jacob didn't remember what that meant so he made peace signs. On the video I took, there is a great shot of Jacob's upper lip and cheeks flapping in the high winds.

I hope these Dropbox links work!

Daron's Second Flight

Esther's Second Flight

Jacob's Second Flight

Nathan's Second Flight

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Adah Rose Janis

I'm trying to get back into updating the blog. As I was looking at previous posts, I realized I hadn't even written about the birth of our sweet baby Adah. I guess that's part of being the fourth child. Poor kid. Life has been busy for the last three months but we love our sweet girl so much. Her brothers and sister adore her and are mostly good about helping out - at least when it comes to taking care of the baby.

Adah Rose Janis was born on June 1, 2015 at 3:30am. Labor started shortly after church on May 31. (My sweet sister-in-law had also gone into labor that day - only seven weeks early!) My parents had quite the day keeping up with the progress of both labors.

Truly, I didn't think mine would go any further as it wasn't super painful for awhile. It was uncomfortable all afternoon but I rested and was able to eat dinner and do a little laundry just in case I would be going to the hospital that night.

I talked to Delilah, our doula, who was attending another labor at that time. She urged us jokingly to try to wait one more day. I also talked to our friend who would be watching the other kids to keep her phone nearby just in case.

After the kids went to bed, I put on my pajamas and folded laundry in between contractions. They were definitely getting worse. Daron and I got to bed around 11pm and I tried to sleep in between contractions. Every time one started I pushed the button on the contraction app on my phone to time it. They weren't super close together but increasing in intensity. Finally at 1am, my water broke. This was new to me and I immediately dreaded the cleanup we would have. My second thought was how grateful I was to be home and not in public! Fortunately, it wasn't all that bad.and the bed was unscathed.

I showered and noticed that the broken water had meconium. I couldn't remember all the implications of that but knew we needed to get to the hospital sooner rather than later. We called the doula who had been home for an hour from her last birth! We called our friend Sharan and she came right over.

I couldn't help but smirk at how carefully Daron covered the seat of his brand new Honda Pilot lease before I sat down. The trip to the hospital was a blur to say the least. Though I do remember the wrong turn Daron made - he accidentally turned into the parking lot before the hospital. On the way in and out of that one, there were large speed bumps. I thought I would die.

The new Richardson Methodist hospital has you check in at the Emergency Room which seemed rather silly to me. It was even sillier when they were asking me all sorts of questions while I was in such pain. They checked me and I was at four cm. By the time we got up to labor and delivery, I was at 6cm. Things were moving along pretty quickly. Delilah arrived as we got into my l&d room. She immediately got to work helping me to calm down and breathe through the contractions which were coming on very quickly. My OB was not on call that night. His replacement was not even called as things were advancing so quickly. The OB at the hospital stepped in. I was a little annoyed at that but I couldn't have waited if I wanted to.

They stuck something in me that was supposed to help flush the meconium out. It ended up just being in the way. Adah's heart rate started dropping during each contraction - really low. The OB was concerned and told me that we would have to prepare for an emergency c-section in five minutes. I was really disappointed but tried to brace myself for the possibility.

After having two c-sections and one vaginal birth with an epidural, I really had no idea what pushing felt like. I just remember Delilah talking me through a bad contraction. She told me to breathe all the way down to my cervix to help open it up. I did it twice. The second time I felt like I might be pushing. In such pain, I couldn't even voice my feeling. Delilah just looked at me hard for a minute and then asked, "Are you pushing?" I nodded. She told the doctor and suddenly the room was in a bustle. Adah got a bit of a scratch on her head because I was accidentally pushing her against the meconium flusher. Sorry kiddo.You can see the big scratch on her forehead.

(Brand new! Weighing 7 lb 4 oz and 20 inches long.)

From checking me at 6cm to giving birth, it was 16 minutes. I can't remember ever being in such pain. One nurse, while sympathizing with my screaming, reminded me gently that screaming alone wasn't going to get the baby out and to please push. I nearly drew blood from Daron's hand. But pretty soon she was out. And I had done it completely naturally! The excitement didn't last long though.

Adah was really quite purple and limp. The cord was loosely around her neck but the biggest problem was a knot in the cord. Also, the trauma of coming through the birth canal so quickly and swallowing some meconium. I saw her for the briefest moment and then they worked on her for three very long minutes. Even after she was finally breathing, her arms and legs were purple and cold. I was able to hold her briefly before they took her to the nursery to get her warmed up. Within an hour, she was doing really well and I was in my regular room. They brought her in and we spent some time getting to know each other before Daron went to go get the big kids to meet their sister.

Now our little girl is three months old and peaceful and happy. She is such a bright spot in our lives. She dazzles us with her smiles and talking and gives everyone snuggles. We are so grateful for our sweet baby and the perfect addition she is to our family.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

BYU Football Season Has Begun

Even Adah is getting into the action.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Just A Bug

This afternoon as I was pulling the van out of the driveway, I noticed a bee flying around the car. Yikes! 

With a sharp intake of breath and a little "eeee!" I quickly parked, unrolled the windows, and opened the doors. 

I told Jacob to remain calm and it would go away soon. He calmly kept putting his shoes on and totally ignored the bee. 

After it left, I got back in and as we were on our way, I praised Jacob for being so brave and not freaking about the bee. 

"Mommy," he said with a little chuckle, "you said eeee!"

Then patronizingly - "It was just a bug, Mom."

Ha!! That kid cracks me up. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First Day of School

So I have been a little busy - having a baby and all. I've really neglected this blog. My goal is to get back into it. I won't promise to write super frequently but I'll try to get a bit caught up in the next few weeks now that school has begun!

Maybe it's a bit early but this year I'm not complaining. It's been a rough and busy summer - adding child number four was not easy though we wouldn't trade her for the world. It was nice today to get a bit of a break and I think Esther and Nathan needed a break from me, too. So here we go! Miss Esther is a big fourth grader and Nathan is a second grader. Inconceivable!!

 Trying to look cool even though Mommy forgot to iron her jumper!
 Her best friend is in her class this year!
 I'm so glad they actually like each other.

 It's hard to look cool when the sun is in your eyes.
I can't believe my baby boy is 7 and in second grade. He looks so much like Daron. And he's particular about how his hair is combed.