Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Brother Ate My Homework

Jacob frequently climbs onto a dining room chair while the other kids are doing their homework and asks for his homework. I hand him a pencil and paper and he draws/scribbles for awhile. Then he hands it to me with a cute grin and says "finished!"

Yesterday while I was helping Esther with her homework, Jacob ran to get a pencil from the drawer. He came back a few minutes later with an "uh-oh..." and held out the pencil to me.

"Homework," he said, sadly.

I looked at the pencil carefully and realized that half the eraser was missing!

"Where is the eraser, Jacob?"

"All gone. Mouth." He stuck his finger into his mouth.

"Seriously? You ate an eraser?"


I'm not sure if he had eaten it just then or one of the previous days during homework. But one thing is for sure - he ate it all gone! What a kid...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bubble Bath Fun!

What's more fun that a bathtub chock full of bubbles and two silly little brothers?
I'm growing out my beard. 
Look at those long eyelashes! 
Where did everybody go? 
Big blue eyes! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Jacob's 2nd Birthday Video

My Mom's Nexus automatically made this video of pictures and videos she took from yesterday's big birthday bash.


Fun with Grama and Papa - Dallas Zoo

I'll be putting up a few posts this week with some highlights of our fun visit with my parents. It's been so fun to have them here. They are great guests - they watch the kids, they wash dishes, they vacuum floors, they cook dinner... Hey, maybe I shouldn't let them go home today!

Just a few from our trip to the Dallas Zoo.

This one seemed rather interested in what treats Dad might have for him. "That camera might be tasty!"

Jacob was growling at the crocodile statue!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Esther's Baptism Day

Esther's baptism was so special. We had so many friends and family attend to support us!
 We dress in white to symbolize purity. Daron, having the authority of the Priesthood, was the one who baptized her. It was a special experience to watch my young daughter make such a big decision on her own.

 Cute little brothers! Nathan actually gave the closing prayer during the services. I don't know if I cried more during the baptism or during his sweet prayer.
What a cute boy!  
Papa and Jacob

Esther's Birthday Party

Esther has been looking forward to her eighth birthday for many reasons. One of which was that she would finally get a friend birthday party!

Woodland fairies were quickly agreed upon and we went with red, green, and purple for the colors. My good friend Cecilia (my partner in crime for party planning) helped out to make this a fabulous event. Esther really enjoyed her special day with her friends - and brothers! And I really enjoyed creating it for her.

 The fairies tested out their wands by popping bubbles.

The little fairies playing "Fairy Queen May I?" 
 Nathan opted out of the wings and wand and was a knight instead.
Jacob strutting his stuff around the yard.

  Little toadstools made with tomatoes and cheese sticks.
Fairies enjoying their lunch!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Esther as Rosa Parks

Here is Esther's presentation she did for school on Rosa Parks to celebrate Black History month.

(I had to post it to YouTube because Blogger (grrr...) kept giving me problems about uploading a video. The quality has diminished but you still get the idea.)

Esther's Rosa Parks encore presentation at home