Monday, March 28, 2016


On Easter Sunday we drove to a recommended hill in Irving to take pictures in the bluebonnets. We have lived here for about eight and a half years and this was our first time participating in this Texas tradition. I must say the flowers up close are quite lovely and have a bit of a pretty scent to them. We tried not to stomp on any of the flowers and stay to the spots that had already been trampled.

Esther asked if she could pick one and we told her that it was illegal. Probably not, but considering they are the state flower, it's most likely discouraged. She and Nathan found one at the bottom of the hill that had been picked and Nathan grabbed it. The moment he did, we heard police sirens in the distance. Daron teasingly told Nathan that the police were coming for him and Nathan dropped the stem like a hot potato. Poor kid.

The kids were hungry as I wanted to take pictures before anyone messed up their nice clothes. Maybe that was a bad idea. It was really windy, too. And with the sun glaring on my DSL screen, I couldn't tell if everyone was in focus or who had weird smiles, etc. And the hillside and trying not to step on flowers made it difficult for moving around. So we did the best we could. I think overall we got some cute shots. I just wish I had gotten a better one with all of the kids together. At least I got some cute ones of them individually. Anyway, prepare yourself for a deluge of my kids swimming in a sea of purple blossoms.

Nathan wanted a turn at the camera so Daron and I posed half heartedly right at the end. My hair was not cooperating in the wind and I was trying to balance just squatting down. Not pleasant but for posterity sake and all. 
Right as we were leaving, a big train came by. Jacob was so excited! 

When we got home, we started dinner preparations and the kids finally got to see their Easter baskets.

Dinner preparations were a bit rushed and Daron took the brunt of it, for which I'm grateful. He and the kids made an apple pie. For dinner we had roasted rack of lamb, baby potatoes, green beans, and a veggie tray. We invited Brother Colby over and we had a great visit eating delicious food and telling fun childhood stories. Jacob fell asleep as dinner was coming to a close so we put him and Adah to bed. Daron and Brother Colby and the big kids cleaned the kitchen then went to visit a brother that Daron home teaches who now lives in a nursing home. The kids really enjoy doing that service. I'm glad that they enjoy helping others. I just wish it would translate better to helping out at home!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Mailbox

These are the pictures Daron took while he was playing outside with the kids. Our new mailbox is quite classic. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sibling Love

A few weeks ago, I had Esther and Adah wear matching dresses. It was their first time and it was absolutely adorable. I couldn't help but pull out the camera and take some cute pictures. For the most part, they cooperated.

Too much love... Mom? Help?

Then the boys wanted in on the action.

My absolute favorite shot from the session! These crazy amazing kids!